We usually look at pet rescues from the perspective of the animals, often our canine friends.  By the time we meet dogs at rescue events, they have already been removed from an uncomfortable situation.  Most rescues are turned over to animal shelters, which can be unsettling environments for many dogs. They go from homes with owners where they’ve formed special bonds to a very unfamiliar environment.  Rescue groups provide a foster home, which is a big upgrade from a noisy overcrowded shelter!   A caring foster parent can provide more comfort and stability for these special animals.  Nothing gives an animal more comfort than a new home provided by a foster parent who chooses to welcome the pet into a loving family environment . We believe dogs somehow sense this and draw great solace in knowing they have a permanent place with people who love them.

Lately, we have viewed this more from the perspective of the dog owner.  We recently lost our 17 year old Cocker Spaniel, Arnie, who brought us joy and companionship for nearly 14 years. We rescued him back in 2004, and he made a huge impact on our lives.   Since he crossed the rainbow bridge back in January, we certainly feel a void and some sadness.  We know it won’t be long before we bring another furry friend into our lives.   But we do enjoy observing the happiness many new dog owners display after rescuing their furry friends at adoption events. We recently met a woman who adopted a sight impaired Cocker Spaniel.  She knew the dog would bring her endless joy and bonded well with her new special friend.  After officially becoming a Mom to her newly adopted Cocker Spaniel, she was literally gushing about how much fun she was going to have with the dog, and she was already planning some wonderful canine activities.  Another couple we met rescued a dog after fostering it for a few days.  They were already completely in love and thrilled to see their dog adapt to a new environment with human companionship. They were excited that the dog was comfortable enough to sleep in their bedroom after not wanting to come in the first few days. They just loved how rambunctious this dog is and how much fun he is to walk. Their happiness was written all over their faces.

Dog being adopted

They Really Do Rescue Us!

For the last several years, we have probably all seen the saying “Who Rescued Who?” It has become one of our favorite sayings because it’s so true!  We think we are doing the rescuing, but it’s important to realize it is a two-way street. The saying also reminds us to always feel gratitude for our pet’s presence and remember how much they enrich our lives. We’re certain our late “Angel Dog, Arnie” really did rescue our family!  He indeed changed our lives!