So how does this pet photography process work?


Our Process

1 – Plan

We have a planning meeting before the photo session so we understand your interests. We’ll pick products that complement your home and style.  We’ll also complete a questionnaire designed to give us the information we need for a safe and comfortable photo session.  Finally, we’ll choose a date, time and awesome location.

2 – The Photo Session

We’ll have a great time at the photo shoot! We come with love, patience, healthy snacks, toys and noises to keep your pet happy!

3 – Reveal

Within two weeks later we’ll meet to reveal the best photos for your products. We’ll guide you through the entire process! You place an order for products that will beautifully match your home and style.

4 – Deliver 

Now the comes the best part – seeing your beautiful images! Within two to three weeks after the reveal, we’ll personally deliver your products. If you wish, we’ll gladly hang any prints you ordered.

Commonly Asked Questions


My dog flunked obedience school! Can you still photograph my pet?


Many dogs “flunked obedience school!” They get excited and forget all they learned! We are prepared for that. Fortunately, we are good with dogs. and  have lots of patience.  We will wait for them to relax and begin having fun. Our treats (with your approval), squeaky toys and hilarious sounds will keep them engaged. We just need them to give us that great expression for a fleeting second and we can catch it. Note that for safety reasons, on most photo shoots the dog will be on a leash.
Then there is the magic of Photoshop. That leash we put on your dog to keep them safe just disappears! So, whether your dog is perfectly behaved, flunked obedience school, or is somewhere in between, we will capture your fur child’s spirit and create great photos for you and your family.


As the Pet Parent, what is my role at the photo shoot?


Frequently, you will be helping us with your pet! Sometimes you will be holding the leash, and on occasions you are our secret weapon helping us attract your dog’s attention. Of course, you can often be in the photos! Most importantly, it’s about enjoying the fun while we capture your fur child’s wonderful personality.


How much should I budget for this experience?


The session fee is $200. Prints, photo books, albums, slideshows and other products are extra and can be purchased at a post shoot ordering session. Typically, clients invest between $1000-$2000 for products, but there is no minimum requirement. Purchase what you love!


Can we be in the pictures with our pet(s)?


Yes! We love capturing the unique bond between pets and their families.


If we decide to be in the pictures, is there anything special we should wear?


We want you to be comfortable and wear what you want. Here are a few guidelines to consider:
* We usually photograph outdoors where your clothing may get soiled, so wear something that could easily be cleaned.
* Avoid black or white colors.   But white or black stripes are fine.
* Don’t wear something with a distracting message or label that might detract from the pet.
* Remember comfortable footwear!  Many photoshoots with dogs, even if you are not in them, include “walkies” where you are walking your dog.  Consider shoes that look nice, but don’t have bright colors that might distract attention from the dog.


Should my pet be groomed or bathed before the photo shoot?


Normally, a bath or simple grooming are helpful, as your dog’s  fur will look better. But there might be one exception. If a large part of the photo shoot includes your dog running around in the water, bathing them ahead of time isn’t going to help!  Depending on the dog’s energy, we will take the water pictures at the end of the session so they look their best before that. Regardless, it really is up to you.

We are located in Campbell, and serve San Jose, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz