Hi Friends,

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is how dedicated professional pet photographers are to the rescue and other dog related communities. Many photographers didn’t necessarily set out to be professional pet photographers but came into it after working with animals. They were dog trainers, dog walkers, vet techs, shelter and rescue volunteers and photographers who had that one special rescue dog who became their reason to pursue pet photography, etc. I am also proud to participate in this community’s efforts.

The following quote summarizes how so many came into professional pet photography:

It started when I began volunteering at a local shelter. My goal was to create photographic images of shelter animals in a professional and flattering light in order to better market their adoptability. From there it evolved to include portraits of people and horses, nature and the world around me.

Lisa Van Dyke, Professional Pet Photographer

Organizations like HeartSpeak are driven by photographers and other artists. Their mission is to “CREATE A WORLD WHERE NO SHELTER ANIMAL GOES UNSEEN.”

Good Works!

Here are some highlights of professional pet photographers doing good work in the community.

Angel Dog Photography is carrying on this tradition by working with local rescues like Cal State Dog Rescue. We also volunteer with a large shelter- The Humane Society of Silicon Valley.

A passion for the rescue community translates into our photography. Angel Dog Photography’s goal is to provide our clients images they would be proud to display in their homes.

Pitbull Dog lying down

Gary Chilling