Adorable Ruby Needs a Fur-Ever Home

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Foster Dogs | 4 comments

Hi Friends,

A few days ago I had a chance meeting at an Every Pet’s Dream adoption event with Ruby. She wasn’t being offered for adoption through that group. Her fosters, Simone and Dale, a lovely mother and daughter, brought her to the event to help build awareness. It was a nice surprise, as I met Ruby and heard her story. Dale told me what happened, and it is heartbreaking.

I first saw Ruby in the veterinary hospital at San Jose Animal Services where I volunteer. She was coming out of a surgery which included a spay, dental extractions, and, most traumatically, removal of both eyes. Ruby was crying as she woke up, confused and scared. My heart broke for this little dog, but I didn’t know how I could help her. I live with my parents and they already put up with my two dogs. When I told my mother about Ruby, she instantly decided to foster her. Through Grateful Dogs Rescue, we were able to pull Ruby out of the shelter and into a loving home.

Dale said that Ruby and her mother were dropped off at a shelter requesting euthanasia. Ruby had been attacked by a Husky, a dog in the same home, when Ruby approached her puppies. By the time Ruby was left at the shelter, her eyes were infected and beyond repair. Ruby’s mother was quite old and had many health problems, so she was euthanized.

When foster parent, Dale, picked up Ruby she was understandably very tired. “She had enough energy to gently lick my hand, then slept all afternoon.”

Look at her now!

Since Ruby was rescued, here is what happened in Dale’s words:

It has been three weeks since then and you would not recognize Ruby for the same dog. She is eagerly exploring the world around her and sniffing everyone and everything. Ruby loves being part of the family and getting all the love and rubs but we should get no credit for her progress- that credit is due solely to her own resilience and indomitable little spirit! She is the sweetest natured little dog you could ask for and seems to bear no grudge against humans or other dogs alike. All it takes to make her happy is a warm lap and loving hands.

First, what an amazing story! It is clear that Ruby is quickly adapting to being blind and is thriving in a loving foster home. Second, I think the foster family deserves a lot of credit for her progress. She clearly is in a good environment which allows her to thrive.

So what happens now?

Obviously Ruby needs a permanent home, and we need to help spread the word! You know the routine – tell your friends about her and share her story on social media! We can bring lots of attention and help get this sweet girl adopted. Ruby deserves every chance!

If you want to meet Ruby, Grateful Pet Rescue has adoption events at the Petsmart in Daly City. They had an event last Sunday. Watch their Facebook page or website for the date of their next event. Between events, you can meet her by contacting Grateful Dog Rescue here.

If you want to adopt Ruby visit the Grateful Dog Rescue website and fill out the adoption application. You can find the adoption application here.