Waffles for the New Year?

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Foster Dogs | 0 comments

Hello Friends and Happy New Year,

Waffles, our favorite dog (and breakfast) didn’t get adopted in 2017. Fortunately, it’s a whole new year with a world of possibilities. We really appreciate your spreading the word about him. He is looking for his fur-ever home and hasn’t quite made the right connection, but we know that is going to change soon!

If you are thinking about a new dog for a New Year, please make an inquiry to the Silicon Valley Pet Project (SVPP). Waffles is a roughly 9 year old Tibetan Spaniel with a spunky personality. He loves to show off all the commands and tricks he’s learned and will do most anything for treats. He is curious, playful and eager to please. His loving foster mom, Amie Jan, has some cool photos and videos of him on his very own Facebook Page! Waffles has been with her for over a year, and she can answer any questions you have about him. For even more photos of him, check out our previous blog.

Here is a short slideshow we did for Waffles that shows just how cute and sweet he is!

Facts about Waffles

Waffles is an affectionate dog that takes awhile to warm up to new people. Don’t let that fool you, he loves people and is very loyal. Waffles is good with small dogs, but not so good with cats or kids. He does well in the car, so you can take him on your adventures! He doesn’t require a yard (apartment / condo okay) and is leash and crate trained. We promise Waffles will be a fun and loyal companion to whomever gives him a chance!

Spread the Word!

You are always so great about spreading the word and we need to ask you to do it again! Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you think people will look! When he gets adopted, you can feel satisfaction that you may have had something to do with it!

If You Want Him….

If you want to adopt Waffles you can get more information and fill out an application here.