Cute Waffles is More than Breakfast!

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Hi Friends,

Practically everyone loves waffles! Okay, okay, maybe we aren’t talking about those waffles, but about a really cute little rescue dog named Waffles! Waffles is a 9 year old 14 lb. Tibetan Spaniel in search of his fur-ever home. Last Saturday we had this little fellow over for pictures. He loved our big yard and got a chance to explore all the nooks and crannies. He is curious and very playful! Did I also mention that he loves treats! When we got down to photographing this little fellow, he was into it – as long as he got treats! He has the concept of union labor down! His attitude says “I work for treats, and you better have plenty.”

Lots of Different Poses!

With the treats flowing and his foster mom getting his attention, Waffles was a wonderful subject. We moved from place to place around our yard and got lots of poses. He went from peeking around corners, to hiding in ferns, to laying out on the lawn.

Waffles, a Tibetan Spaniel dog, exploring backyard

Waffles exploring backyard

Waffles, a Tibetan Spaniel dog, trotting along a walkway by brick planter

Waffles trotting along walkway

More about Waffles

Waffles has been waiting for his fur-ever home for a long time. He has been in a loving foster home for over a year. This is puzzling considering his winning personality! According to his profile on the Silicon Valley Pet Project’s website, he knows many commands and loves to show them off. He loves following his foster mom from room to room just to be close. The videos show him following commands and playing with an alligator toy – he looks like he is trying to get it to squeak. He is good with small dogs, doesn’t care for cats or kids, and loves adults. He does well in the car, is leash and crate trained, and does not require a yard. When we were photographing him, he liked to run around quite a bit, so we think he would like someone moderately active.

Instead of waffles for breakfast, how about Waffles for the Holidays?

This is the season of dreams, and it would be great to make this little fellows dream of a fur-ever home come true. It’s just a week until Christmas, but it’s not too late to give yourself the gift of Waffles. We know he will add to any household and become a big part of your family. Now is the time!

If you would like to meet Waffles in person, inquire at the Silicon Valley Pet Project website to arrange a date. We are sure he will win your heart if you give him a chance. Stay tuned for further opportunities to meet Waffles.

Waffles, a Tibetan Spaniel dog, looking out from ferns

Waffles looking out from ferns

Waffles, a Tibetan Spaniel dog, hiding behind ferns

Waffles Hiding in Ferns

Spread the Word! 

Friends, you know how this works. The more people that see this blog and see his profile, the greater the chance is that someone will find him and give him a chance. Please share with all your dog loving friends!

Waffles, a Tibetan Spaniel dog, on backyard porch

Waffles on porch

Waffles, a Tibetan Spaniel dog, sitting on the grass

Waffles on the grass