We Are Proud to be Part of HeartsSpeak

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A couple weeks ago we applied for membership to HeartsSpeak. We are excited to be accepted as member artists! HeartsSpeak is dedicated to helping animals get adopted through photography and other artistic pursuits like painting, fine art, crafts, and writing. The theme of the organization is “Creating a World Where No Shelter Animal Goes Unseen” They provide resources to photographers and other artists to make it easier to promote shelter / rescue pets.
We think their mission is vital. We were a bit surprised by the following statement from their website:

Each year around 17 million people who are thinking about a new pet are undecided about where they will get one, and yet only 25-30% of the pets currently living in homes were adopted from shelters or rescues.

We are not happy that only “25-30% of pets currently living in homes were adopted from shelters or rescues!” We definitely want to do our part to increase that number. That is Hearts Speak’s mission.

We believe that better photos, positive marketing, and empowering a creative workforce within animal welfare has the power to create real and lasting change, especially when working alongside other progressive policies and practices.

We certainly agree that better photos, slideshows, stories etc. help the process of getting pets adopted. We want to participate in their programs to get even more involved with the rescue community.

For more information about HeartsSpeak and their mission visit their website. You can further support them with donations and by purchasing their apparel.

Check out a couple of photos are Nefa, a foster dog that needs a forever home.

Nefa in the Patio

Nefa Smiling!

For more information about Nefa you can find it at our blog or at her rescue organization Cal State Dog Rescue. 

Remember, if you are looking for a new pet, Adopt, don’t Shop!