We had the honor of photographing Mateo the Doodle and his lovely parents Maria and Pablo. They have a great connection! We always meet the pet parents before we do a photo session and they graciously invited us to their place where we got to meet their sweet boy. He was excited to see us and I am sure he thought we were just there to see him. Well, that was kinda true. He couldn’t stop wagging his tail and smiling.
We decided to go to Shadow Cliffs Recreation Area in Pleasanton for the photo shoot. It rained earlier but cleared up beautifully by late afternoon. Mateo is a fireball with so much energy! He loves to have fun! His favorite things are squeaky toys and balls. We gave him a squeaky toy and he was in heaven!

Mateo guading his squeaky toy   Mateo on top of Pablo

He also has a great smile!

Mateo Smiling    Mateo in front of the Radio Flyer

Did we mention he loves his parents?

Smiling Mateo with Maria and Pablo    Cute Mateo in Maria's Arms

Finally, we wanted to show just how silly Mateo can be….we think this is hilarious!

You can keep up with more of Mateo’s adventures on his Instagram page!