We had the wonderful opportunity to photograph beautiful Alisha and her Super Beagle Ramses. Shadow Cliffs Recreation Area in Pleasanton provided a perfect backdrop. When you hear the name Ramses you think of a powerful, regal ruler. This fits this Ramses perfectly. He carries himself like he rules the world!


Ramses-Social-15    Ramses-Social-17

Of course, he is always looking to have fun! For him, that means veering off course to find the latest smell.

Ramses-Social-6    Ramses-Social-7

He could hardly contain himself, and we loved every moment of his playing and exploring. He was so funny when we caught him trying to sneak off to go exploring! Guilty!


Of course, the other thing (person) that Ramses loves is Alisha. They are inseparable!



Alisha was sure that we would see in Ramses what she see’s – a wonderful loving dog full of spirit. She was so right! He is a joy and very regal.