We have been taking pictures of Teena’s beautiful fur children.  She has five  dogs, along with a foster, who are impeccably groomed and very well behaved. Thanks to Teena’s outstanding pet parenting, taking their pictures has been an amazing experience.   She is so involved with dogs that she made it her livelihood. Teena started grooming pets 10 years ago, and she is also involved with showing champion dogs. Teena also became a dog handler by volunteering for a professional handler.  Finally, she even finds time to foster.   We will tell the story of her current foster in another blog and can’t thank her enough for her dedication to these wonderful animals.

So who is the “Magical Unicorn” and why? That would be Leo. He is the son of her dog Bella.   Leo did not come from a long line of dogs bread to be champions. He just “magically” came out with the right temperament and proportions to be a champion show dog. Leo is so perfect that he was cast in a hair shampoo commercial. He is also just a fun dog that loves to run and play and get into mischief. Here are some photos that show his whimsical side.

Leo on the Bench!     Socks and Leo racing!

Leo on the Bench

The other fun fellow in this photo shoot is Leo’s partner in crime, Socks. He is a social butterfly who is always attuned to everyone’s needs. He seems to know just when you need a hug! This little fellow loved to race Leo in his pursuit of attention and treats. His personality shined through in some of these fun pictures.

Socks with Tongue Flying    Socks in a Wagon

Socks with his tongue out!      Leo running and smiling

The special bond Teena has with her wonderful dogs is obvious in the following photo:

Teena with Leo and Socks

Here are a couple more just for fun.

Leo in the Bubbles!   Leo and Socks in front of poppies