Last week we had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Tracy’s beautiful girls, Mushu and Shorty!  Shorty is the newest member of their pack and was a foster pup.  With her personality it’s no wonder Tracy couldn’t give her up.  Despite her name, Shorty is the taller one. Mushu is understandably famous with her own Instagram page where we get to hear her view of the world.

We met these great girls in a beautiful scenic place called Wildwood Park in Saratoga. This hidden gem was the perfect place to get outdoor shots in an uncrowded environment.

These two characters were up for everything – especially if they got treats!  We started with some fun action shots where they could run free.

Mushu and Shorty-Social-5   Mushu and Shorty-Social-13

After the action shots it was time to slow down.  We did some portrait shots by a stream and got Shorty to do a small head tilt, something she rarely does.

Mushu and Shorty by stream   Mushu and Shorty-Social-24


Then it was time for fun with bubbles and the Radio Flyer wagon.

Mushu and Bubble Fun   Shorty staring at bubble

Mushu and Shorty Head Tilt   Mushu and Shorty in The Flyer


After some rest time we visited “the hill” where we took pictures of Mushu and Shorty standing regally on a large rock!

Mushu on the Hill    Mushu and Shorty-Social-43

Shorty on the Hill    Mushu and Shorty-Social-46

They worked very hard and were great sports during the entire photo shoot.  Mushu and Shorty really earned their treats!  Before wrapping up the shoot on our way out of Wildwood Park, we captured a wonderful picture of these two charming dogs on the bridge.  Just one more treat… and we got it!

Mushu and Shorty Bridge Closeup


This is the kind of afternoon we live for – two great pups, a great location and a really nice and helpful owner who helped us capture some terrific photos!

We were honored to help Tracy, Mushu and Shorty create some very special memories.