Dog parks provide an endless source of joy for both dogs and owners. Many dog owners don’t have time in their busy schedule to spend quality time with their dog, so going to the dog park is a great way to fill that gap. It allows the dogs to run and play with other dogs so they get their exercise and to socialize with other dogs and people. For the owners, it gives them a chance to unplug from their daily lives and spend some quality time with their pet. I really enjoy going to dog parks and taking photos of the dogs and their owners having a great time. It gives me a chance to practice my passion for photography and combine it with my love for dogs. I can take pictures and give the best ones to the owners at a later date. They always seem to be well received by the owners. That said, I don’t always bring my camera. Here’s why. If I bring my dog and the camera, I can’t keep an eye on our dog and take pictures at the same time. In my opinion, keeping track of your dog is one of the most important things dog owners should do to keep everyone safe. So, if my wife comes….she is good about watching the dog and I can take a few minutes to take pictures. We recently moved to Campbell from Sacramento and we are starting to visit dog parks in the area. A park close by – Butcher Dog Park – has become our “go to” dog park because it’s close, well kept, and it’s cared for by Friends of Butcher Dog Park. Friends of Butcher Dog Park makes sure the park is clean and is busy with renovations like planting new trees. We are happy to call it our home park. So, find a great park, unplug, and spend some quality time with your dog. Your dog will thank you for it! Here are some pictures of a few great dogs from Butcher Dog Park. ButcherParkDogs (6 of 16) ButcherParkDogs (8 of 16) ButcherParkDogs (11 of 16) ButcherParkDogs (13 of 16) ButcherParkDogs (14 of 16) Enjoy the pictures, and hope to so you at the Dog Park!