Our Team

Jim Judy and ArnieHi, I’m Jim. I have been taking dog and pet photos for many years at local dog parks, animal shelters and local rescues.  My wife Judy and I are life long animal lovers, and we both grew up with pets. I have lots of experience with chickens, cows, and pigs and a special connection with animals that built a special bond and trust with them. My wife grew up riding horses and still looks back fondly at many horse show albums and photos taken by family members.  All of this created a huge passion for animals and pets.   I love photographing pets doing all the entertaining things they do while playing, running, guarding, resting, or just being charming and silly.

Our promise is to bring that passion to capturing memories of you and your pets. 

Our Inspiration

Our dog Arnie was an endless source of joy and inspiration. Sadly, he was recently euthanized a few months shy of his 18th birthday. He graced us with amazing enthusiasm, boundless energy, and a huge heart. We had so much fun! Each day with him was a gift with many adventurous walks and hikes, frequent trips to the dog park, and long car trips from Silicon Valley to the Sierra foothills. It goes without saying that he was a frequent dog model!

Arnie came to us at crucial time in our lives.  He has seen us through family members’ births, passings, holiday gatherings and other memorable occasions. Arnie has been a constant source of comfort and companionship for everyone in our family!   We started calling him Arnie the Angel Dog, which inspired us to produce a slideshow about the joy he has brought to our lives.


We are located in Campbell, and serve San Jose, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz