Bailey the cocker spaniel looking regal!

Hello Everyone,

We have a great vintage cocker spaniel, Bailey, who needs a new family, and requires a little TLC. This ten-year old came to Cal State Dog Rescue without much hair…not a great look for this beautiful girl. No one seemed interested in her in that condition. Thank goodness the vet figured out what was wrong and put her on thyroid medicine, and in just six weeks she is looking like her lovely self. She is much healthier now, and ready to find her furever home.

We wanted to learn a little bit more about this girl and figured we ask her some questions.

Question: Now that you have your beautiful fur back, do you still wear pajamas?

Bailey: I love my jammies so much! Here is a nice photo of the ones I want! Don’t you think they are cute?

Flannel Dog Pajamas

Question: Do you like cats?

Bailey: I love cats. If they want, they can use me as a bed!

Question: Do you like dogs?

Bailey: They can sleep on me to, if I get to sleep on them.

Question: How do you spend your time?

Bailey: Sleeping is great. I love a comfy bed, right near my favorite people. I also love being on laps!

Question: Do you like crates?

Bailey: Is there a comfy bed in it?

Question: How often do you want to be walked?

Bailey: I love walks, but I don’t have to go every day. I am getting my energy back, so maybe more often in the future!

Question: Do you like kids?

Bailey: Kids are for me!

Question: Do you bark?

Bailey: I don’t know why, but I seem to have lost my voice. I also don’t hear too well. I guess that makes me a very quiet girl.

Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Bailey: I can be anything, 10 is the new 2!

Question: What else should we know?

Bailey: I don’t want to be bald again, so I need my thyroid medicine twice a day! Also, I really want a new warm home with a nice human to look after me. That is my biggest wish.

If Bailey is your kind of girl…

Please fill out an application for her here.

Bailey in Bushes