Tell Their Stories!

Tell Their Stories!

What you can expect


Our first priority is to get great photos, but of equal importance is a fun, safe experience for you and your pets.
We strive to provide a joyful experience for both you and your pets. We will do whatever motivates your pets (treats, toys, sounds, great places and people!) to make sure they have a great time. When they are having fun, it’s the perfect time to capture their personalities. We encourage you to be in the photos and we want to capture the great relationship you have with your pet.


Here is what else you can expect – no Blurry Smartphone Photos!

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Who Rescued Who Photo Shoot

Who Rescued Who Photo Shoot

Hi Friends, Last Saturday we had our Who Rescued Who photo session. We had an awesome time and captured beautiful images of some wonderful dogs. The session was held at the Just Right Family Cafe's grand opening, a new Campbell hot spot.  Also attending was Every...

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Why Not Pet Portraits?

Why Not Pet Portraits?

Why Not Pet Portraits? Hi Friends, Look at all the crazy things we do for our dogs....just for fun, here is a list. You will sleep on the very edge of a the bed so the dog(s) have plenty of room. Your feet are asleep because you don't have the heart to...

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My Dog Really Did Rescue Me, and I Am Grateful!

My Dog Really Did Rescue Me, and I Am Grateful!

We usually look at pet rescues from the perspective of the animals, often our canine friends.  By the time we meet dogs at rescue events, they have already been removed from an uncomfortable situation.  Most rescues are turned over to animal shelters, which can be...

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Meet Our Team!


My wife Judy and our dog Arnie, our inspirational

furkid / dogmodel, make up the rest of our team.

Rave Reviews

I am in HEAVEN! You guys have no idea how happy this experience has made me and these pictures absolutely melt my heart.

Alisha Venz

Thank you so much! These are so wonderful and I can’t wait to share them with everyone! It was great working with you!

Tracy Hirai

Oh my God!!!!! They’re amazing!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Maria Armada

We are located in Campbell, and serve San Jose, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz

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